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Relationship management

Manage customers and suppliers in a well-organised manner. All employees immediately have a clear overview of previous contacts, linked order history and documents.

Managing the large number of items and catalogues from different suppliers, with numerous options and specifications, is one of the biggest challenges for any furniture store. Our software is fully geared to the endless product possibilities that characterise the sector. Initeam is working with various manufacturers from the sector in order to offer a digital product configurator to retailers.

Sales keep your business running. Consistency in prices, items and a tidy sales agreement are essential. In most cases, goods sold are not in stock. After approval, our software builds the purchase orders and sends them to the correct supplier.

A fast and secure cash register system for take-home items is provided.

Keep the stock narrative lean and correct. In a furniture, sleep comfort and interior design store it is important to have a clear view of the stock, both in the showroom and in the warehouse. The software automatically keeps the stock up to date. You know the location of your goods and their value. You also have a view of the current purchase and stock orders.

Always a perfect and personal service! Thanks to our service module, you always have the complete order history of your customer. In this way, you know exactly what is at the customer and when this furniture is delivered. Via the online customer portal, customers can request an after-sales service themselves!

As well as a better overview, you as an entrepreneur will get a clear insight into your business. One source of truth across all the different departments. This information is valuable for you as a manager - but also for your employees - to help you make the correct decisions for the future.

You avoid manual operations thanks to the link with your accounting software. The accounting results are obtained much more quickly, which leads to a faster monthly closing. Various manual operations are automatically processed by the software, reducing the number of errors to a minimum.

A step further!

Mobiele webapplicatie Mobile web application Applications accessible on any device with a connection to the internet. For management, sales staff, warehouse workers and drivers.
Webshop Webshop Link our systems to your webshop and manage all product information in one place. Orders from the webshop are forwarded automatically to our business software.
Transactionele communicatie 360° communication Give the customer the same experience as with the big online players. Create proactive, automated communication flows through the various touchpoints of the customer journey.


A must for every furniture store. Top system and top team!

Danick Bruneel , Fabrideco

Customer since 2010 - 50 FTE

We soon realised that the software was very logical, with a clear design and article structure. It is a contemporary and visual platform that our people have accepted and used enthusiastically.

Bart van der Meijs, Meijs Wonen

Customer since 2020 - 16 FTE

Initeam not only offers a good system, but is also a pleasure to work with; every day anew

Diego Van Den Poel, manager Monikids

Customer since 2012 - 30 FTE

The system is very logically structured and ensures that at any time you have an excellent overview of your business

Bruno Jansseune, manager Design Oostende

Customer since 2016 - 14 FTE

With our new software I can easily save 15 minutes per sale! The customer leaves the store and the order has already been placed with our supplier.

Eric, employee Meubles de l'eau d'heure

Customer since 2021 - 4 FTE


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Expand your central system further!

ERP software tailored to your business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. In plain English, it’s a single software package in which all the processes and information of your company are centralised. All important operational, commercial and financial information is located in one database and linked together. This makes for a more efficient operation which saves the company time and money.

Not everyone will be best served with a standard solution. With bespoke solutions, we tailor your successful way of doing business to the most suitable ERP software.

We always start from - self-developed - basic functions and building blocks that we reuse and combine. In this way, we quickly arrive at the desired result.


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