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Optimize your wholesale business with our ERP software!

ERP solutions are indispensable for modern wholesalers. They optimize inventory management, streamline logistics processes, and improve overall efficiency. With an ERP system, you can track real-time data, leading to better decisions and fewer errors.

Additionally, an ERP system integrates various business processes, from purchasing to sales and inventory management. This increases productivity and customer satisfaction. Automating repetitive tasks saves time and provides room for strategic growth.

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Why more than 300 companies choose us

Group 663 User-friendly business software Initeam develops the majority of our solutions entirely in-house. This allows us to respond specifically to customer requests and deliver user-friendly solutions that are enjoyable to work with. This guarantees a faster and improved 'return on investment' for our customers.
Group 671 Integrated IT solutions We offer a full range of IT products and services. Our customers always have one point of contact for business software, (cloud) infrastructure, and digital security. We provide a complete solution with systems that integrate. This ensures a clear structure, convenience, and greater added value.
Group 683 Expertise and certainty Changing software is not something you do for fun as a business owner. It is important that this transition has a sufficient positive impact and is embraced by your employees. Since 1980, Initeam has been managing IT implementations, and to date, every project has been successfully launched.

I used to spend two to three days a week on invoicing. Now the job is done in half a day, while the number of invoices has increased dramatically.

Tom Levefere, CDS automaten

Customer since 2015 - 18 VTE

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We have taken a huge step forward in terms of logistics. All journeys can be mapped out in a visually attractive framework. Our system automatically informs the customer of the latest situation. The customer can prepare his work better and we offer an excellent service

Bob Donck, Donck NV

Customer since 2008 - 40 VTE


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Expand your central system further!

ERP software tailored to your business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. In plain English, it’s a single software package in which all the processes and information of your company are centralised. All important operational, commercial and financial information is located in one database and linked together. This makes for a more efficient operation which saves the company time and money.

Not everyone will be best served with a standard solution. With bespoke solutions, we tailor your successful way of doing business to the most suitable ERP software.

We always start from - self-developed - basic functions and building blocks that we reuse and combine. In this way, we quickly arrive at the desired result.

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