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CDS is in the first instance a service company. Over the years, the company has built up expertise and gained insight into the quality and sustainability of different brands. Today the activities also include the importing and selling of coffee machines and vending machines for the Belgian market. In total, eighteen people are employed, four in the administrative department and fourteen technicians. In 2015, CDS automaten started using eService, a software package from Initeam. eService is tailored software for the sale, rental and maintenance of machines and installations.

Tom Lefevere, manager CDS, says: “Initially we contacted a number of parties in our search for new software. Initeam immediately stood out because of its personal and sympathetic approach. Our challenges and requirements were listened to carefully. They were interpreted correctly and translated into an intuitive software package.”

“Over the last two years, our company has experienced strong growth, thanks in part to our administrative software,” says Tom. “I used to spend two to three days a week on invoicing. Now the job is done in half a day, while the number of invoices has increased strongly. This has given us the time and freedom to focus on other, more profitable, matters.”

“Transparency is a value that we hold dear. eService helps us to extend this value across the board to our customers. With the mobile application, our field service technicians register the hours they work and scan all parts they use. The customer immediately receives a digital, detailed overview of the work carried out. It couldn’t be clearer.”

“The application synchronises all hours worked, parts used and services provided automatically with eService. This is an enormous time saving, practically equivalent to a full-time employee. The paper costs that we save should certainly not be underestimated either.”

“The various periodic maintenance, repairs and adjustments are planned by my staff on a digital planning board. Very user-friendly and really a magnificent application,” says the manager.

“In retrospect, the biggest cost was not the purchase of the software, but getting our organisation completely up to speed to work optimally with the software. For example, the entire article file had to be recreated and the warehouse layout was redesigned. It was a big investment, but one for which we are now reaping the rewards every day.”

“As for the future? We are currently working on a webshop linked to the back office. The orders from the webshop automatically arrive in eService. Furthermore, our stock will be linked in real time to the webshop. We are confident that together with Initeam we will also bring this narrative to a successful conclusion,” concludes Tom Lefevere.

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