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Since 1998, the Vandeputte company has specialised in the supply and installation of awnings, shutters, gates and windbreaks. The company offers the customer a full service. In addition to their own research department, they have a number of service teams responsible for the installation and after-sales service of their products. Over the years, the company has grown strongly. Since 2011, they have a new, modern showroom in Beveren-Leie. As well as the product range, the number of employees has also increased.

Business manager Frederick Vandeputte says: “We differentiate ourselves by providing very good service to the customer and by being able to respond quickly. Two years ago, we started looking for a software package that could support us better. Tom Lefevere, manager at CDS automaten and an acquaintance of mine, worked with Soft Naert software and was very enthusiastic about the product and accompanying services.”

Frederick Vandeputte

“For me, a key requirement was that the software encompassed the entire operation of my business,” Frederick says. “Measurement, quotation, installation, invoicing, any follow-up, etc. eService is a software package that more than meets these requirements. Today, our flow is more streamlined and we work according to a fixed structure.”

“Thanks to this structure, we save a great deal of time and money. We can reinvest this time saved in the customer. With our CRM system, we can follow up contacts much better and everyone is kept up-to-date. The result: a better commercial follow-up, a very satisfied customer and an increase in sales and turnover with the same number of hours worked.”

“Currently, we do our accounting ourselves. Thanks to the link with the Soft Naert accountancy package, a great deal of the work has been automated. Because we no longer outsource our accounting, we also have a better view of the financial aspects of our business.”

Field service app

“The switch from paper work orders to the mobile app for the installers was not an easy one,” says Frederick. “In consultation with Soft Naert, we chose to roll this out in phases to make the change a little less dramatic. With the app, we’ve taken not one, but two very large steps forward. All the problems we had with paper work orders are now gone. All the data needed for invoicing come into the system automatically from the app. All that’s left is a little bit of checking.”

“Because all the data are recorded correctly, there are also far fewer problems and discussions. This has had a positive impact on the atmosphere at work, which translates into a professional and enthusiastic appearance for our customers.”

“Two years ago, eService was a large investment for us. A decision that we supported then - and still support today - 100%. It is an investment that has paid off. We are very satisfied with Soft Naert’s personal approach and service. In short, highly recommended!” Frederick Vandeputte concludes.

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