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Why tailored software

As a business, you do not always find the right solutions in a standard package. Perhaps your business has to comply with specific legislation or you prefer not to work with the same software as your competitors. At the same time, there is a need to modernise. At such moments, tailored business software offers the perfect answer.

You pay only for what you really need and you avoid unnecessary functions. Together with you, we work on a user-friendly system that is a close match with your current working methods. Employees accept the new software more quickly, which ensures a smoother integration. When new opportunities arise, you can respond more quickly and adapt the software accordingly.

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Together to a digital total solution

Initeam offers you an A to Z approach when it comes to optimising and digitalising business processes. We handle each project in a personal way and in a manner that is tailored to your organisation. You can count on our advice from day one and we will guide you through the change process that a new ERP system entails.

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1. Comprehensive Analysis

Analysis of the existing business processes and IT infrastructure.

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2. Advice & innovation

Our consultants offer advice and help you to determine the direction. A fresh, strategic look at the future with attention for your goals and business identity.

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3. Development & feedback rounds

We always start from - self-developed - basic functions and building blocks that we reuse and combine. We then extend these basic functions with the requested functions. This process is accompanied by periodic feedback rounds in which progress is evaluated.

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4. Implementation

The implementation of the new business software always happens in accordance with a clear plan and proven methods, supported by the right people. This is how we guarantee quality.

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5. Enduring updates & support

New ERP software is an investment that must deliver. Thanks to our personal and meticulous support, we ensure the best possible use, also in the long term.

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