Pallet specialist PGS continues to grow internationally

A high-performance ERP system is also essential in the pallet industry. That is why the international group PGS invested a while ago in ePack, the software platform from Soft Naert. This led to an intense collaboration between the two parties, with flexibility as the recurring theme.

Palettes Gestion Services (PGS) is a name well known in the pallet world. Founded in France in 1993 by Jean-Louis Louvel, the company focused initially on the repair and sale of used pallets, a product range that was soon extended to include new pallets. “The company has always attached great importance to innovation,” Luc Grauwet, CEO of PGS, points out. “We operate in a business that revolves around very intensive work, making our human capital invaluable. We are evolving towards the highest possible level of automation of our production lines, in order to maximise the comfort of our people. People often assume that pallets are a fairly simple product, but you really shouldn’t underestimate their technical character.”

Luc Grauwet Luc Grauwet

Expansion in Europe

PGS first made a name for itself in its own country, but has since become the European market leader in the production of new wooden pallets, the recycling of used pallets and related services. The group recently made its first move into Germany, the largest pallet market in Europe. “The company absolutely nurtures the intention to continue the expansion. This is reflected in the further development of creative solutions and the improvement of the business processes.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

“PGS offers various products and services that support the sustainability narrative. ECO PGS is a line of certified pallets for which we save on materials and production time without compromising on quality. PGS reverse is another initiative whereby we extend the life of our pallets through reuse. This is a service that we often tailor to meet our customers’ needs. Thanks to our extensive network, we can make significant savings on transport costs and guarantee fast service. Something that’s attractive to our customers and also good for the environment.”

“In addition to our own production sites, we also place a strong emphasis on the social economy via an intense collaboration with social enterprises.”


The sales market of the PGS group is centred on various sectors such as the construction industry, the glass sector, the food industry, the automotive sector, the pharmaceuticals sector and the chemicals sector. “Many customers opt for our group for reasons of quality and security of supply. Wood may be getting scarcer and scarcer, but PGS has responded to this seamlessly with its own sawmills.”

Centralised administration

Of course, such impressive figures can only be achieved by maximising returns. A few years ago, Luc Grauwet realised that the centralisation of the administrative services was an absolute must. “To make that possible, we knocked on Soft Naert’s door,” he explains. “The company can fall back on many years of expertise and this is reflected in ePack, a tailored ERP solution developed for us. Because we can find everything within one system, reporting has also become a lot easier.”


Schat aan data

ePack is equipped with functionalities which are very specific to this niche market. The system is very “lean”. Moreover, it offers a wealth of data. Everyone active in the business world today realises that data are the new gold. Data provide crucial information so that a clear view of profitability is maintained and that helps us, from a helicopter perspective, to set out the strategic outlines for the future.”

Fixed contact person

“We are a very flexible organisation and expect the same from our partners. The approach with a fixed contact person who is very accessible and works passionately with a no-nonsense attitude is a considerable asset. Our contact person is aware of everything and can fall back on a company with 41 years of experience. That continuity and expertise are of great value.”

Promising future

Luc Grauwet is looking forward to the future of the PGS Group with confidence. “There is constant movement at each site because smart investments are being initiated everywhere. Each location is an example of a professional approach, supported by a motivated team of people with a wealth of know-how and experience. Employee turnover is minimal. Thanks to loyal employees, the length of service is high. They are happy to pass on their expertise to new, young colleagues.”

Moreover, the reference list of the PGS Group is an impressive one. “Daikin, Wienerberger, Mydibel, Lutosa, Moët & Chandon, McBride, Hennessy. These are just a few of the leading companies that place their trust in us every day. Our proactive attitude, high-quality tailored work and a sustainable approach do the rest,” concludes Luc Grauwet.

45 million pallets per year

In total the PGS group has no fewer than 44 sites, spread across 8 countries. The 700-plus employees are responsible, each year, for the overhaul of 20 million pallets and the production of 25 million new ones, which together generate a consolidated turnover of EUR 252 million.”


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