Donck - Plants import & export

The collaboration between Initeam and Donck started in the spring of 2011. Before then, Donck had already worked with a bespoke ERP system. Because of a takeover by their previous partner, the support for that fell away somewhat. So the company went in search of another solution. “We had already heard many good things about Initeam. During the first demo, we saw immediately that they have enough knowledge and experience to understand our business. This was further confirmed during subsequent discussions,” says Bob Donck.

“During the analysis, it quickly became clear that, within the company, we have a different way of working,” says the manager. “With our many years of experience and constant search for more efficient methods, we needed a solution tailored to our needs. Our practical knowledge, combined with Initeam’s functional and technical knowledge, was the key to success. In short. we now have an ERP package that fully supports our business philosophy.”

Donck has a very wide range of plants. Because we are talking about an organic product, the company works with as little stock as possible. To compete with the big players, the speed of delivery is essential. By speeding up the processing of customer orders, the purchasing and the deliveries, they can also guarantee the growth within the company. Moreover, with the automatic ordering system, Donck can continue to expand its product range. “A tailored software system helps to automate our know-how and gives our company room to grow,” says Bob.

Bob Donck

“In terms of logistics, we have taken a large step forward. All journeys can be mapped out in a visually attractive framework. We can then notify our customers automatically when their delivery will arrive. In this way, we also help the customer to prepare their work better and we provide an excellent service. That is always our goal.”

In the second phase, a link was made from the system to the new webshop. Bob Donck: “This ensures that the administrative costs are reduced, but also means that everything runs more correctly. The webshop is a user tool for our customers. Users can acquaint themselves with our products visually and then easily place their order. We note that more and more customers are using webshops and this is an evolution that we as a company want to embrace. The benefit for us is that the order immediately becomes visible in our software package.”

“As for the future? As a company, we are aware that we have to watch out for new evolutions and methods. At the moment, we are mainly looking at the possibilities to speed up warehouse management. Together with us, Initeam looks at the options and translates them into concrete solutions. We know we can always count on their help, and this makes Initeam a suitable partner to help us run our business processes more efficiently from beginning to end,” Bob concludes.

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