1 All our sales, hours of work, deliveries and services are subject to the following terms and conditions; others general terms of the customer will not be accepted.

2 Our offers are made without commitment regarding the delivery and execution dates, which are always approximate.

3 All our invoices are payable at our registered office, net, without any discount, at 8 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in the special conditions. Every invoice that remains unpaid on the expiry date shall automatically and without prior notice be increased with an annual of 12% up to the day of full payment.

4 In case of non-payment of an invoice on the due date , the invoice amount shall be increased with 15 % by right and without prior formal notice of default, with a minimum of 50 euro, by way of a lump-sum payment. Delivered goods will remain the sole property of Initeam for as long as they are unpaid. However, the risks the goods might run are at the client’s expense as soon as they have been made available to the client. In the case of software, this allows the owner, Initeam, to deny access to the software.

5 All collection or protest costs of accepted or non-accepted bills of exchange are for the client's account. The offering of a bill of exchange doesn't change the place of payment; the drawing of bills of exchange will not provide for any renewal of debt and is not at variance with these general terms and conditions.

6 Any complaints with must be submitted to our registered office in written within 8 days of the date of invoicing. This in a properly motivated manner with a clear description of the shortcomings/defects, which will enable us to take full knowledge of the matter, if not they are not accepted.

7 Any dispute will belong to the competence of the courts of our registered office, namely the Justice of the Peace, the Commercial Court and the Court of First Instance of our district, as the case may be. Deviations from this jurisdiction clause of the courts are only possible by our voluntary decision.

8 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Initeam retains the right to use the client as a reference as an existing customer to our prospective customers.

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