Pressure on supply chain

Corona has had quite an impact. Various lockdowns have put pressure on the entire supply chain in the furniture sector. Orders are coming in concentrated within a very short period of time and current delivery times are consequently chaotic.

This creates additional pressure on both suppliers, retailers and the end consumer. Customers today are demanding and continue to call and/or email to inquire about the status of their order.

The modern consumer

Today customers are used to buy online from different websites. The majority of those online shops have a customer zone where the buyer coan consult the status of his/her order(s), view previous orders, return products, ... Taking into account the two facts mentioned above, Initeam wants to offer a solution for this. Both for online purchases, as well as for purchases in the physical store.

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The online customer portal


Facile integrazione

Questo portale puo' essere integrato facilmente nel sito istituzionale del punto vendita. Questo avviene utilizzando un iframe (una pagina che viene aggiunta) dove vengono importati tutti i dati dal nostro gestionale ed è aggiornato in tempo reale.

Carreer opportunities