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Een installatie- en/of servicebedrijf groeit efficiënt door het aantal productieve medewerkers te verhogen, terwijl het aantal overhead medewerkers beperkt blijft. Een sterke wisselwerking tussen kantoormedewerkers en techniekers op locatie is cruciaal. Eén geïntegreerd, digitaal systeem is hiervoor onmisbaar.

Initeam biedt de nodige digitale tools zodat bedrijven zich focussen op hun core business: verkopen, klanten verder helpen en een uitstekend service leveren.

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Relationship management

Manage prospects, customers and suppliers in a well-organised manner. All employees immediately have a clear overview with previous contacts, the order history, ongoing matters and linked documents! Set up different price conditions, on both the buying and the selling side.

Your reps form a first and important link in the administrative flow. Our software provides you with the tools to configure machines/installations and to keep track of all the technical details and present them to the customer. Set your prices and rates depending on the customer or customer group.

Get a view of the stock in the warehouse and in the field service technicians’ vehicles. Thanks to barcode scanning, you can easily register all stock movements. With the automatic order proposal, you avoid stock shortages of the most common parts and continue to guarantee a fast service. Improve the throughput time of your warehouse, reduce overhead costs and create a clear overview.

A view of all installations, adjustments, repairs and maintenance (including periodic maintenance)! Via a visual, digital agenda, the planner can schedule incoming calls and orders with the right employee, both in the workshop and on location.

The software forwards all scheduled services to the tablet of the field service technician. After the work has been done, the completed, digital work order is forwarded and prepared for invoicing.

With the mobile application, your field service technicians have access to a particularly powerful tool. They have a clear view of their agenda. They have the option to request photos, the history of the previous work and technical drawings.

They record all parts consumed, activities, comments, checklists and the signature of the customer. When the technician leaves, the customer receives an email with a report about the visit.

Improve your rental process and track everything with one central system. Thanks to the software, your employees can closely monitor the agreements made with the customer, and invoicing (which can be periodic) is automatic. Comprehensive quotations/contracts: Prices for overtime, regressive pricing (according to the period), insurance, etc.

All the information about transport, work carried out, items consumed, etc. is maintained meticulously in the system thanks to the digital app for the field service technicians. Afterwards, you have a clear overview of the costs/revenues per item and per machine. You also have this overview per customer, installation/machine and rental contract.

You avoid manual operations thanks to the link with your accounting software. The accounting results are obtained much more quickly, which leads to a faster monthly closing. Various manual operations are automatically processed by the software, reducing the number of errors to a minimum.

A step further!

Mobiele webapplicatie Digital work order app An end to paperwork. Field service technicians record parts consumed, activities, checklists, hours worked and the signature of the customer. Everything happens completely digitally.
Online planbord Online planning board At a glance, you get an overview of all jobs and available field service technicians. The software forwards scheduled jobs directly to the app of the field service technician.
Group 751 Barcode scanning Thanks to barcode scanning, you can easily register all stock movements. A view of stocks at different locations.

With the field service technician’s app, we have made not one, but two huge steps forward: the problems with the paper work orders are gone and all the data for the invoicing arrive in the system automatically via the app

Frederick Vandeputte, Vandeputte zonwering

Customer since 2016 - 10 FTE

I used to spend two to three days a week on invoicing. Now the job is done in half a day, while the number of invoices has increased dramatically.

Tom Lefevre, CDS automaten

Customer since 2015 - 18 FTE


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CDS automaten


Expand your central system further!

ERP software tailored to your business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. In plain English, it’s a single software package in which all the processes and information of your company are centralised. All important operational, commercial and financial information is located in one database and linked together. This makes for a more efficient operation which saves the company time and money.

Not everyone will be best served with a standard solution. With bespoke solutions, we tailor your successful way of doing business to the most suitable ERP software.

We always start from - self-developed - basic functions and building blocks that we reuse and combine. In this way, we quickly arrive at the desired result.

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